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Brooklyn, WI

About Us

I'm a stay-at-home mom with three children: Peyton, who is 11, his sister who is 4, and his brother who is 1. We're seeking someone to assist Peyton with light homework and reading, and to help maintain a consistent evening routine for him. Peyton sometimes requires reminders to use his listening skills and respond appropriately to questions and comments. Tasks may include assisting with tidying his room, organizing laundry, and completing reading and math assignments. Peyton enjoys playing video games on Wii and Xbox, particularly those featuring Sonic. He's also keen on exploring recipes and may need assistance with cooking. Occasionally, Peyton uses humor at inappropriate times, either to seek attention or to avoid tasks. We also encourage outdoor activities like bike rides and playing catch to keep Peyton active. He has baseball skills practice on Sundays from 4-6 PM at Evansville High School. Peyton's interests include arts and crafts, video games, various sports including baseball, reading, watching movies, and learning Spanish.

How You Can Help

We're seeking a Respite Companion who is looking for a long-term commitment and can build a strong bond with our son and family. Ideally, this person would be patient, outgoing, silly, and enjoy having fun, as these qualities would make them a great match for Peyton.

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